We are the new generation accelerator

What is Incubator ?

Organisations that provide entrepreneurs & early stage startups with advice, resources, office space and connections so as to help them turn their idea into a self sustaining business and help them attain success.

What is Accelerator ?

Organisations that help catalyse the growth of existing startups and scale them.

Overall, startup accelerators and incubators can get involved at all stages of a startup’s development, from idea stage to revenue-generating, late stage.

As an accelerator, our goal is to help startups grow and succeed.
We believe that technology has the power to make the world a better place and we invest our time and resources into entrepreneurs that are making an impact.

In our accelerator program, you will receive 100 plus expert resources guidance, advice, help, support from all over the world. We may offer you office space, expert advice, resources in technology and take you to the next level.

Our motto is to make you a success.

Acceleration Program

In the acceleration program, the startup can use the resources provided by XIFAQ such as mentorship, marketing study, feasibility study, technical consultation, new sales channels and financing.

For financing, we will be helping the startup to improve how it presents itself, pitch it in front of our investor networks and get their feedback to the startup. In case there is an interest, the founders will get a direct call from the investor or we will inform them once hear any words from investor(s).

What are the stages that a startup go through @ XIFAQ ?

  1. Entrepreneurs should submit their applications via email to XIFAQ.

  2. Applications will be reviewed via XIFAQ team and if any more information needed, you may expect our response for the same.

  3. Our team will evaluate your idea/service/product and select accordingly.

  4. The result will be communicated back to you and if selected, we will sign a contract/agreement with you, roll our sleeves and start our work.

  5. We will help you in raising capital via our network of Venture Capital firms, Angel investors or other investment sources.

What are the benefits of being accelerated by XIFAQ ?

  • Mentorship: We offer a huge database of mentors & investors worldwide.

  • Consultation: XIFAQ has its internal team of consultants in different areas such as: legal, marketing, finance and technical.

Our team can help you in doing a better marketing study, feasibility study, product’s road map, startup valuation and business plan. Those consultant are willing to share their wisdom, knowledge, skills and expertise. They will give you a direct, honest and constructive feedback.

Network: XIFAQ has a huge network worldwide. It has success stories with more than 30 startups within previous 6 months.

We have a huge list of investors and mentors. This network of people can help in any way they can!

XIFAQ has also a huge network of regional partners. Those partners can help your startup in accessing new markets, market feasibility, product variation and culturalization. We can connect you to any of them and you can work with them closely to improve your startup. Our regional partners cover countries in various continents and have passion for entrepreneurship and startups! You can always ask!

XIFAQ will feature your startup on its website and on its newsletter. We will put the light on your startup and attract attention to it. The goal is to find an investor willing to put capital on the startup. We might also co-invest based on our co-funding and co-founding model.

Who can apply for your acceleration program?

Application is available for everyone. We are not limited to geographical area. Any entrepreneur can apply by sending email to us.

If I join your acceleration program, when can I expect to raise money?

There's no general answer for such question. Please note that raising funds is a lengthy process and requires considerable efforts and attention. It all depends on your startup, how much you have invested, how much money are you looking to raise and what equity you are ready to provide. Please note that in general less than 1% of startups end up raising capital. At XIFAQ we just put our 100% efforts. If the company is ready to be incubated then that will help in raising money sooner.

A short answer is anything between 3 months to 12 months ( three months to a year ) depending on various factors.

At which stage shall I contact you ?

You can contact us from an early stage. If you have an idea that has been validated then you can contact us.

Entrepreneurs with an MVP will have a better chance of being accepted but we still accept lot of startups that are in idea stage.

What happens after a company is accelerated?

We start reviewing it internally and try to prepare an internal study about it that will be communicated to the founders.

We will also work on presenting it to investors and get their feedback. If there's an interest then we will link the investor with the founders directly. All feedback will be assembled into one document and forwarded to the entrepreneurs.

If there's a good interest from one or more investors, then our role will be to give advices to the entrepreneur on a good and fair valuation of their startup.

Our Acceptance Criteria:

In order to join our acceleration program, an entrepreneur should have a concise executive summary, a clear business plan and should be able to pitch their business idea to us in a 15 minutes presentation.

(You may ask us to make executive summary, business plan, financial projections, charts, pitch deck as well).

We welcome applications from anyone from any part of the world and will work with our start-ups to refine and nurture their ideas into a scalable business.

XIFAQ aims to play an important role in the build-out of an entrepreneurial eco-system. XIFAQ will provide mentorship, inspiration, investment, opportunity to find new co-founders and technical/back-end help for our start-ups.

We are realistic in our approach and will celebrate failure as we strongly believe that embracing failure is to part of being successful.

The Acceleration Process:

1. Submission

The entrepreneur has to submit his / her startup (Business plan and financial study) directly via email. We usually respond within 24 hours-48 hours time.

2. Reviewing (48 hours time)

Our team will study the documents supplied and provide a feedback. If anything is missing, we will contact the entrepreneur and ask for more information.

3. Result Announcing (1 week)

If you will be selected by XIFAQ team, we will do a video call with you in 1 week time and start our work.

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